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Feeders & Waterers

chick waterer

Chick Waterer Base & 58 oz. Plastic Jar

Fits in battery brooders

4458: Ctn 1

4459: Ctn 6



plastic chick waterer base


Plastic Chick Waterer Base

(Fits Large 58oz. 

Plastic Jar)

4460: Ctn 1


4461: Ctn 6

large plastic jar chicken

Large Plastic Jar 58 oz.

4464: Ctn 1


4464: Ctn 6


purple chick feeder
green chick feeder
red chick feeder

1 Quart Feeder Base


purple chick water base
red chick water base
green chick water base

1 Quart Waterer Base


plastic 1 quart jar for chicken waters and feeders

1 Quart Screw On Jar


blue chick feeder base
blue baby chick feeder base

Baby Chick Feeder Base

$1.95 or 12/$22.00


Holds 5 lbs of feed

Fits in Battery Brooder

Plastic Game Chick Feeder

5003: Ctn 1


5004: Ctn 4


yellow chick water base
yellow chick water base

Baby Chick Waterer Base-Small

$1.65 or 12/$18.00

yellow chick water base
yellow chick water base

Baby Chick Waterer Base-Large

$1.75 or 12/$19.00

gallon chicken waterer

Gallon Waterer w/ Twist Lock Base


4476: Ctn 1

 $ 6.50

K4478: Ctn 12


plastic heated chicken waterer

Plastic Heated Waterer 3 Gallon Size with Twist Lock Base

KHW23: Ctn 1


plastic chicken water 3 gallon

Plastic Watering

 3 Gallon Size with Twist Lock Base

KP23-4482: Ctn 1


K4483: Ctn 6


Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 1.37.10 PM.png

Rubber Pans

1 Quart




2 Quart




4 Quart




GQF single waterer

Single 9" Waterer

With 5ft. normal pressure hose and garden bib. Use for chicks after 7-10 days of age or grown birds.



4003: Ctn 3


4002: NO hose, NO bib


chicken automatic water trough

Automatic Water Trough 18"

Attach to faucet. Comes with 4ft. hose. Has rotating reel on top to keep birds off.

4317: Ctn 1


4318: Ctn 2



Platform Stand for Waterer/Feeders

For sitting waterers or feeders on. Perfect for chicks. Prevents litter or droppings getting in the bottom of the feeders and waterers. 2 3/4" high with 20 1/2' diameter. 




Hey Y'all

Thank you for choosing us for

all of your poultry supplies!  

Along with this business, 

our family owns a large grain

and livestock farm in Central Illinois. We pride ourselves on experience, knowledge, and friendly, punctual service.  


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  Rogier Poultry Supplies 

red 22 pound feeder

22 lb. Tube Type Feeder

K5051: Ctn 1


K5052: Ctn 2


c6p on.jpg

22lb. Hanging Feeder Cover

Cover for the 22lb hanging feeders. Keeps bids from flying into the feeder and keeps feces out of the feeder. 




Platform Stand for Waterers

For sitting waterers on to prevent debris from collecting in the troughs. Has removable legs. Raises waterer 2" off the ground without the legs and 4" off the ground with the legs.



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