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GQF tube for water tank

Kit to Attach 1/4" Tube to a Water Tank

Has connector with 0.25" hose barb & 0.375" pipe threads, 2 plastic nuts with 0.375" pipe threads. Requires 0.6875" hole in water tank. Tank and tubing is not supplied. May require silicone glue to prevent leaking.



GQF tube for water tank

Kit to Attach 5/16" Tube to a Water Tank

Has connector with 5/16" hose barb & 3/8" pipe threads, O ring seal, plastic nut with 3/8" pipe threads. Requires 11/16" hole in water tank. Tank and tubing is not supplied. May require silicone glue to prevent leaking.



GQF female hose connector

Female Hose Connector for 1/4" Hose



GQF quick coupler for tube

Quick Coupler for 1/4" Tube

Quick Coupler for 0.25" Tube 

Pkg. 1

#4517 Pkg. 2



GQF shut off clamps

Shut Off Clamps for 1/4" & 5/16" Tubing

Pkg. 1

#4518 Pkg. 5



GQF Indicator light

Indicator Light

For non-digital incubators and brooders- indicates when heat is on. Fits 1/2" hole. 110V



GQF float valve complete

Float Valve Complete

Supplied with 4 ft. garden hose to fit faucet. Make your own automatic equipment by using this reliable valve in your own containers for poultry, livestock, and game breeding equipment. Works in GQF water troughs and humidity pans. Maximum Pressure 50 Psi.



GQF float valve

Float Valve with Float -

NO Fitting, NO Hose




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GQF pressure reducing valve

Pressure Reducing Valve

This valve can be used for a small system of 1-2 cups or a large system designed to support 1500 quail. Pre-set to provide approximately 8 lb. water pressure to drink cups. Pressure setting is adjustable. Includes 5/16'' and 1/4'' hose barbs and 2ft normal pressure hose with connector. (Tubing not supplied, see #4028, #4080, #4081 and clamps #4010 #4014).  For use with cup drinkers.  Should not be used with nipple drinkers.



GQF adjustable pressure reducing valve with guage

Adjustable Pressure Reducing Valve with Gauge

Includes water pressure gauge.  Complete with 1/2”, 5/16” & 1/4” hose barbs (can be removed for attaching to 1/2” pipe).  Can handle high or low volume water requirements.  Reduces normal water pressure down to an adjustable 1lb. to 10 lbs. pressure.  Dimensions: 11” x 71/2”  x 6”. Durable design and construction.



GQF clamps for tubing

Clamps for Tubing

Package of 18

#4010: 5/16" Tubing 

#4014: 1/4" Tubing 



GQF plastic caps

Plastic Caps for 1/4" T

For 1/4" T on the low pressure waterer

Pkg. 1


#4070 Pkg. 6


GQF plastic hose splicer

Plastic Hose Splicer for Hose or Tubing

Package of 10. For use with 1/4” hose or tubing.

#4069: 1/4"

#4091: 5/16"



GQF plastic T

Plastic "T" 1/4" 

Package of 10. For use with 1/4” hose or tubing when you need to run hose to another pen.



GQF reducer connector

Reducer Connector 5/16" to 1/4" 

Package of 2



GQF normal pressure hose

Normal Pressure Hose 1/4"

100 ft. coil, 1/4” inner diameter. This Nylon Reinforced Hose may be used on normal or low pressure watering systems. Generally intended for use with item 0341 & auto water troughs. Not supplied with fittings.



GQF green low pressure tubing

Low Pressure Tubing

Green,  Coil 5/16" inner diameter. Use this inexpensive tubing for low pressure systems with 5/16” fittings. Can be used to expand the low pressure waterers. Not supplied with fittings.

#4080 : 50' Tubing


#4081 : 100' Tubing


GQF blue low pressure hose

Low Pressure Hose 1/4"

50 ft. coil, 1/4” inner diameter. This inexpensive tubing is ideal for low pressure systems. This tubing should be used when expanding drink cup kits. Not supplied with fittings.



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