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GQF  Incubators, Hatchers, and Accessories

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GQF 1500 Digital Professional Incubator

#1500 Digital Professional

The professional is a dedicated incubator and gives you ample room for serious incubation needs. Removing the hatching tray allows the trays to turn at a steeper angle. The professional is exempt from use as a hatcher allowing it to avoid the mess associated with hatches and remain clean. This incubator only has to maintain one humidity setting making it easier on the eggs and easier to operate. Designed to be used with the HATCHER. LARGE CAPACITY! 1368 quail eggs or 216 larger eggs, such as duck, using plastic egg trays (sold separately). Each turning rack holds approximately 496 quail eggs, 118 chukar or pheasant, 90 chicken eggs, 40 goose eggs (not over 3.75” height), or 60 duck eggs. DIMENSIONS: 30.25” X 15.75” X 30.86”


-Dedicated setting incubator

-3 automatically turned racks



GQF 1502 Digital Sportsman Incubator

#1502 Digital Sportsman

All you need is this one incubator. Settings are rotated among the three turning trays so that the hatching tray can accept the eggs from one of the setting trays each cycle. Setting trays can also be leveled to act as hatching trays.

LARGE CAPACITY! 1368 quail eggs or 216 larger eggs, such as duck, using plastic egg trays (sold separately). Each turning rack holds approximately 496 quail eggs, 118 chukar or pheasant, 90 chicken eggs, 40 goose eggs (not over 3.75” height), or 60 duck eggs. DIMENSIONS: 30.25” X 15.75” X 30.86”


-Complete incubator and hatcher

-3 automatically turned racks

-1 hatching tray in the bottom of the incubator will accommodate eggs from one turning rack single stacked



GQF 1550 Digital Hatcher

#1550 Digital Hatcher

Designed to allow for the best hatching conditions. Hatchers usually operate at slightly different temperature and humidity settings to obtain optimum hatch. The hatcher will hold the complete setting of the professional incubator. For expanding operations the hatcher can be matched with up to three professional incubators. Can also be used with the sportsman.

DIMENSIONS: 30.25” X 15.75” X 31.86”


-4 plastic hatching trays

-1 plastic black hatching tray



GQF 1583 Hova Bator incubator

#1583 Circulated Air Picture Window Hova-Bator

Top has a large clear plastic window for best viewing of the incubation and hatching process. Picture window is double plate plastic with air space insulation to help eliminate moisture buildup, which would obstruct viewing. Large viewing area is ideal for classroom work, science projects, advertising and promotional work, and for group observation of the hatching processes. The No. 1583 is a circulated air model. Without a turner in place all Hova-Bators will hold any size egg, from 130 small Quail eggs, up to 50 large duck eggs. This unit is equipped with our dependable and easy to use wafer thermostat. All Hova-Bator incubators include a sanitary plastic liner 



GQF 1588 Genesis Hova Bator Incubator

#1588 Genesis Hova-Bator

The Genesis Hova-Bator is TUV LISTED. This certification along with the safety afforded by its 12 Volt system makes it perfect for use in classroom and laboratory settings. It is pre-set for bird eggs. Simply plug it in, then add water for humidity and eggs. While the thermostat set temperature can easily be fine-tuned, most users won’t find it necessary. The LCD will display set temp, actual temp and humidity percentage in both Fahrenheit and Celsius. The pre-set microprocessor based thermostat digitally regulates itself. The digital technology in this thermostat means the command setting is never affected by changed in humidity, temperature or dust. Built in sensors prevent the “burn up” of eggs. Like all incubators, the GENESIS requires a stable room temperature and should not be used in areas like sheds or barns. 

Excellent for classrooms, novices, and experts. Thermostat can be set to any temperature required for bird eggs and can also be set for all reptile eggs down to 60℉. Includes picture window & plastic bottom liner. TURNER SOLD SEPERATELY. 



GQF 1602 Hova Bator Incubator

#1602N Thermal Air Hova-Bator

The thermal air flow model is the most economical incubator available. The radiant heat tube gently warms the inside of the incubator, the air, and the eggs. Thermal action of the heated air flowing out the exhaust vents in the top of the incubator, draws fresh air in through the bottom vent. This thermal air flow also assists the drying of the chicks after they hatch. This design includes two small windows on top for viewing. The wafer thermostat is proven, accurate technology that produces great hatch results. This model is not suitable for use with the goose egg turner, item No. 1614. Operational range: 70 to 110℉. 



GQF 2370 Hova Bator Incubator
GQF 2370 Electronic thermostat

#2370 Electronic Thermostat Hova-Bator

NEW electronic thermostat hova-bator. This is a circulated air electronia thermostat model with a bright easy to read display of temperature with push button controls. The display can show either Fahrenheit or centigrade. Operation can be circulated air or still air. Circulated air is preferred for bird eggs due to better stability while still air can be used for both bird eggs and reptile eggs. 110 VAC




Cool-Lite Tester

Convenient for candling eggs. Weighs only 5 ounces. Easy to move over eggs for long periods and eggs need not be handled. Has 5 foot electric cord. Use to check progress of development. After 10th day of incubation, remove infertile eggs to provide more room in the incubator.



Hova Bator Parts & Accessories

GQF automatic egg turner

Automatic Egg Turner with 6 Universal Egg Racks

Each universal egg rack holds 7 eggs, any size from a partridge egg up to duck eggs (total 41 eggs per turner). Can be used with all Hova-Bator incubators.



GQF automatic egg turner

Automatic Egg Turner with 6 Universal & 6 Quail Egg Racks

Turner hold a total of six egg racks. Each Universal Egg Rack holds any size from a partridge egg up to duck eggs (total 41 eggs per turner), and with the quail egg racks in place the turner will hold 120 quail eggs. Can be used with all Hova-Bator incubators



GQF automatic large egg turner

Automatic Large Egg Turner

The Large Egg Turner holds up to 19 larger sized eggs. Can be used with all Hova-Bator incubators



GQF Hova Bator bottom and liner

Hova-Bator Bottom &

Clear Plastic Liner



GQF plastic grid floor hova bator

Plastic Grid Floor

All model Hova Bator produced after Jan 1998



GQF plastic liner hova bator

Clear Plastic Liner for Hova-Bator Bottom

All model Hova Bator 

produced after Jan 1998



GQF Hova Bator thermometer

Hova-Bator Thermometer



GQF hygrometer wicks

Hygrometer Wicks for #3018 & #3019

Pkg. of 2



GQF incubator thermometer hygrometer

Incubator Thermometer/




GQF 12 volt DC auto plug

12 Volt DC Auto Plug

Allows for 1588, 2365 12VDC Hova-Bators to be used with an automobile power socket.



GQF 12 volt battery power adapter

12 Volt Battery Power Adapter

Allows for 1588, 2365 12VDC Hova-Bators to be attached to 12V battery with clips.



GQF turn motor

Turn Motor with Electric Cord Attached

For all Hova-Bator auto turners: #1610, #1611, #1614



GQF turbo fan kit for hova bator

TurboFan Kit for


Can be installed in any square Hova-Bator type incubator and permits you to operate the incubator at one temperature for all types of eggs and for all climate conditions with less close supervision



GQF snap switch 15 amp

Snap Switch 15 Amp. 125/250V

Replacement switch for wafter thermostat equipped Hova-Bators



Cabinet Model Parts & Accessories

GQF replacement comman center

Replacement Command Center





Deluxe Multi-Turn Electronic Thermostat with Plug

Upgrade your wafer thermostat or replace an old electronic thermostat This unit offers more accurate adjustment of temperature over single turn thermostats as one complete revolution changes temperature only 1.7°F. **(Electronic Thermostats are guaranteed for use in GQF Cabinet incubators only)** This thermostat is the recommended replacement for non pre-set electronic thermostat models and wafer thermostat models.THIS IS A COMPLETE THERMOSTAT NOT AN INSIDE SENSOR FOR THE DIGITAL COMMAND CENTER



GQF motor fan bracket kit

Motor, Fan, & Mtg. Bracket

For older cabinet model incubators manufactured before 2011



GQF 2 fan heater

2 Fan Heater Assembly

Aluminum wall heater with 2 fans for current cabinet incubators



GQF automatic turner

Automatic Turner

Cabinet model electric turner. Same as automatic turner installed in current 1500 and 1502 incubators. Can be installed on all No. 800 and 1202 model incubators.



GQF drive motor

Drive Motor

For rotating trays in #802, #1202, #1500, & #1502. You will need this if the turner does NOT work.



GQF timer switch

Timer with Switch

Will need if the turner can be operated manually by pressing the button.



GQF roller switch

Roller Switch for

Drive Motor

Will need if the turner turns all the time



GQF turner toggle switch

Turner Toggle Switch



GQF sensor assembly

Inside Sensor Assembly

Replacement inside sensor assembly for 1500 series incubators with factory installed 3258 Digital Command Center through 2015.



GQF sensor assembly

Inside Sensor Assembly

Replacement inside sensor assembly for 1500 series incubators with factory installed 3258 Digital Command Center from 2016 & after.



GQF swing arm for cabinet incubator

Swing Arm with Cam

For cabinet incubators



GQF cabinet set tray

Cabinet Model Set Tray

To be used with #3059 dividers. Most plastic or paper egg trays can also be put in here for quick loading and unloading incubator racks. To be used in 1500 & 1502. It can also be used without any trays if tray is filled to capacity where eggs are touching and cannot move. Tray is 24 5/8" L x 12 3/4" W 



GQQF large egg positioners

Large Egg Positioners

Set of 3 dividers. These dividers go in #3067. Eggs lay on their side. To use for turkey, goose, peafowl, emu, or ostrich eggs.



GQF 1550 hatch tray cover

1550 Hatch Tray Cover

for Cabinet Models 

For older styler Hatchers (before 2021) (These will NOT fit in the new style hatchers with plastic trays!)



1550 hatch tray

1550 Hatch Tray

for Cabinet Models

24.5 x 14 

For older styler Hatchers (before 2021) (These will NOT fit in the new style hatchers with plastic trays!)




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Bulbs for Cool-Lite Tester

2 Replacement bulbs for Cool-Lite Tester.



Egg Candler Jiffy Way

Jiffy Way Egg Candler



1550 Plastic Hatch Tray

for New Cabinet Model 

For newer styler Hatchers (after 2021) (These will NOT fit in the old style hatchers with metal trays!)


#G3302: Ctn 4


GQF plastic hatching tray

Plastic Hatching Tray

For #1202A, #1402, #1450, #1502, & #1550 cabinet incubators & hatchers



GQF DACB hatching tray liners

DACB Hatching Tray Liners

Fits perfectly in #1502 hatching drawer.

#1626 Ctn. 10

#1627 Ctn. 25



GQF clear door for cabinets

Clear Door for New Cabinet Incubators

For current cabinet models only



GQF cabinet model door gasket

Cabinet Model Door Gasket

Provides a seal to insulate the incubator when the door if closed.



GQF cabinet casters

Cabinet Casters

Set of 4 cabinet casters makes it easy to move your cabinet incubator around. Easy to install




110V 25W Square Heat Element




Plastic Vent Plug

For the regular and picture window.




Plastic Quail Egg Rack

Ctn. 6 for auto turner #1611



Plastic Universal Egg Rack

Ctn. 6 for auto turners




Power Supply for 12V Hova-Bators




#2365 Circulated Air Hova-Bator

2 Volt wafer thermostat with a fan for circulating air. Two windows provide visibility for monitoring hatches and temperatures. Includes plastic bottom liner and thermometer. Wt. 8 lbs. 12 Volt DC power supply operates on 100 to 240 Volt AC . Only U.S. plug & cordset supplied. Without an automatic turner in place, the incubator will hold 50 duck or chicken eggs or 130 quail eggs. Dimensions 18 1/2” x 18 1/2” x 9 1/2”



GQF digital incubator hydrometer

Digital Incubator Hydrometer

Reads humidity & temperature



GQF Egg thermometer

Thermo- Egg Thermometer

Comes with 1 egg size- small egg only. Place inside incubator near eggs.



Digital Hydrometer


    2"x 1" mini
Works great in styrofoam incubators!



gqf heat element

Heat Element

For cabinet model incubators



GQF Heat Element

225W Heat Element with Wire Lead Attached & 5 Porcelain Insulators

For non-digital cabinet incubators. 220W



GQF incubator spare parts

Spare Parts Kit for Cabinet Incubators

Includes #3006B switch, #3122 wafer thermostat complete, & #3023 timer motor with switch



GQF cabinet door hinges

Cabinet Door Hinges

Set of 4 hinges for cabinet model doors.



GQF Cabinet door latch

Cabinet Door Latch

One complete latch for cabinet model doors.



GQF power cord

Power Cord

For cabinet model incubators




Turner Moter Assembly

Replacement turner motor assembly for cabinet model incubators featuring the 3258 digital command center.  110 VAC 

NOTE: If the incubator has a single fan and a 3258 command center, use the original galvanized brackets with the new motor.



Vent Plugs for Cabinets


Ctn. 6 plugs. 2 with holes & 4 without



GQF screw and nut

Adjusting Screw & Nut



GQF Wafer Thermostat

Wafer Thermostat Complete



GQF Thermostat Wafer

Thermostat Wafer




Auxiliary Thermostat

Auxiliary Thermostat Complete 22 Amp for cabinet incubator. Includes surge guard and quick connect cord set for easy installation. Use item No. 3122 in older cabinets without the quick connect. Adjustable between 75 and 120 degrees F. depending on room temperature.



GQF humidity pads

Replacement Humidity Pads

#4502 Ctn. 2

#4510 Ctn. 10



GQF Water Reserve System

Water Reserve System



GQF Moisture Pan with Pad

Moisture Pan with Pad



GQF Auto Humidity Pan

Auto Humidity Pan

Includes valve and hose. Does not include nipple or water tank



GQF Float Assembly

Valve/Float Assembly



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