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Glycerin 99.7%

1 gallon bottle. Many use during grooming birds for a show. Can be used on legs, combs, and in their bath water. Used as a moisturizer.


Bimectin Paste


Bimectin Paste

Generic of Ivermectin. Treats pinworms, roundworms, hair worms, large-mouth stomach worms, tapeworms, & intestinal threadworms. Works great on waterfowl. Use small, pea size, drop in mouth. Re-worm in 10-14 days. 








Must ship in quantities of two and same style boxes. Boxes being shipped will not be assembled. Some boxes may not be available to ship. 

There are no returns or refunds on vaccines. We do not stock vaccines. Will ship or deliver to show. Need a week notice.Only ship USPS Express Mail. Flat rate of $60.00


Turner Motor Assembly

Replacement turner motor assembly for cabinet model incubators featuring the 3258 digital command center.  110 VAC 

NOTE: If the incubator has a single fan and a 3258 command center, use the original galvanized brackets with the new motor.



*Majority of GQF pricing includes shipping
to most zip codes (but not all)
GQF electronic thermostat

Rubber Pans

2 Quart


4 Quart






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Flea Stroy

Flea Stroy

Generic of Frontline Flea & Tick spray.


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Welcome to

Rogier Poultry Supplies

We are a 4th generation family-owned business that specializes in poultry supplies. We offer competitive pricing and affordable shipping.  Let us know how we can help you and we will get your order out ASAP!

40th Anniversary

Help us celebrate our 40th anniversary in the poultry business by checking out all of our sales! You can join our FaceBook group to stay up to date or check out our Sale Items box at the bottom of this page.


Safe Guard Pellets

Safe-Guard 1 lb. Pellets

Wormer for gastrointestinal worms, cecal worms, and blackhead. Mix roughly 1 1/2 tsp. of pellets per 5 lbs. of feed. OR give a few pellets to each bird. 


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Black Friday SALES

The Rogier Family proudly owns and operates this 4th generation business that was established in Highland, IL.  From providing farm-fresh eggs to local businesses, exhibiting poultry across the country and providing you with a supply of quality products at affordable prices, we are here for you.  

We also own and operate a large cattle and grain operation.  We pride ourselves on being diverse in our knowledge and understanding of large fowl, game birds, bantam chickens, ducks, turkeys, and of course, cattle!  

A few years ago, the 2 younger Rogier kids (Katlyn and Andrew) ventured out with their chickens to a new show and never looked back.  They have met  amazing people, learned valuable lessons and strive to improve their poultry expertise everyday. 

Our supply business took a new turn last year when we decided to expand our products and go on the road with our show birds in tow.  The poultry community has embraced us on our new adventure and we will be forever grateful. 

We are here to answer any questions or concerns you may have with your bird, big or small.  We are continually adding new products, so let us know if we can help you find anything!



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