Wire Collapsible Exhibition Cages

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Kiepper Coop 2 Compartment

No 1. Poultry Coop-
Two Compartments

25-1/2″L x 22″W x 27″H. Full length of section is 54 inches. Large and roomy coop, especially adapted for private use, and for training birds for shows. Will also make fine coop for shows where a large coop is wanted. Equipped with patent cupholders and swinging doors 12X18. Made with swinging partitions so coop can be converted into a pen.


Kiepper Turkey Coop

No 5. Turkey Coop

42″L x 30″W x 33″H. Great use for waterfowl or turkeys being strong and neat with a large swinging door, which makes the handling of birds easy. Equipped with patent cup holders.


Kiepper Bantam 3 Compartment Coop

No 6. Bantam Coop-
Three Compartments

15″L x 17″W x 16″H  Full length of section is 57″. A coop for bantams, with double wire partitions, to stop cocks from fighting. These coops are indispensible for bantam breeders, and show these little pets to great advantage. Equipped with patent cup holders and sliding doors. 8″ x 8″ inches.


Kiepper 4 compartment coop

No 6L. Bantam Coop-
Four Compartments

15″L x 18″W x 18″H Double partitions. Doors 6″ x 9″. Full length of section is 69″

$12.00 Trestle

Kiepper Exhibition Coop

No 11. Exhibition or Display-
One Compartment

48″L x 36″W x 30″H. Makes a fine exhibition coop for use at shows for display of poultry or pigeons. Also very usefulfor training, mating, breeding, etc.


Kiepper Wire Trestle

Wire Trestle

The wire trestles go under the bottoms to hold the cages up off the ground and are easily collapsible.


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