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Leg Band Sizing Charts

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Baby Chick Band Sizing


Small: Equal to a size 3 (3/16" DIA) Day olds; Seramas, small bantams, Call Ducks, and small game birds.  After 3 weeks or so, they graduate to a Size 4.

Medium: would be equal to a size 4 (1/4" DIA) Are for standard-size day old chicks, ducks, light geese, and the next size up from the Size 3 used on bantams and small poultry. 

Large:  would be equal to a size 5 (5/16" DIA) for either Large day old poultry such as heavy geese or birds that have grown out of the Size 4.

XLarge: Are equal to a size 6 (3/8" DIA.  They are used as the last size before a permanent band is applied.  They can also be used to tag adult bantams for short-term sorting or marked for sale.  

*Diameter (DIA) is measured from the inside of the band)

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