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Chick Feeder with Lid
Holds 8lbs of feed
Narrow trough
with lip 
to prevent feed waste
Height with lid 11 inches
Width 11.5 inches


KR20C          $19.95
feeder with legs.HEIC

3 Quart Feeder on Legs
Holds 6.5 lbs of Feed

Removable legs to adjust height for growing chicks. 
Height with handle 12 inches
Width 10.5 inches

Paper Chick Feed Tray

Paper feed tray for baby chicks. Has lip on edges to help reduce feed waste.
Offers 2 sizes

21" x 13"

Ctn. 1


Ctn. 12


23" x 14.5"

Ctn. 1


Ctn. 12


Screen Shot 2023-09-12 at 8.33.51 PM.png

3.5 lb. Feeder 

Small feeder that works great for chicks or grow outs. Comes with lid.



12 inch Baby Chick Feeder

16 hole (8 on each side) baby chick feeder with a flip top.

Colors: Red, Green, Yellow, Pink, Light Blue



20 inch Baby Chick Feeder

28 hole (14 on each side) baby chick feeder with a flip top.

Colors: Red, Green, & Yellow



Holds 5 lbs of feed

Fits in Battery Brooder.

12"L x 6.5"W (bottom) / 5.25"W (top) x 5.25"H

Plastic Game Chick Feeder

5003: Ctn 1


5004: Ctn 4


blue chick feeder base
blue baby chick feeder base

Baby Chick Feeder Base

Use wide-mouth jar

$1.95 or 12/$22.00


1 Quart Screw On Jar + Feeder Base

Red or Green Set


Screen Shot 2023-05-03 at 1.37.10 PM.png

Rubber Pans

1 Quart





2 Quart




4 Quart





plastic 1 quart jar for chicken waters and feeders

1 Quart Screw On Jar


Screen Shot 2024-02-09 at 2.00.13 PM.png

Galvanized Feeder



Platform Stand for Waterer/Feeders

For sitting waterers or feeders on. Perfect for chicks. Prevents litter or droppings getting in the bottom of the feeders and waterers. 2 3/4" high with 20 1/2' diameter. 




Platform Stand for Waterers and Feeders

For sitting waterers and feeders on to prevent debris from collecting in the troughs. Has removable legs. Raises waterer 2" off the ground without the legs and 4" off the ground with the legs.



red 22 pound feeder

22 lb. Tube Type Feeder

Height 15.5"
Width 13.75"

K5051: Ctn 1


K5052: Ctn 2


c6p on.jpg

22lb. Hanging Feeder Cover

Cover for the 22lb hanging feeders. Keeps birds from flying into the feeder and keeps feces out of the feeder. 



Screen Shot 2024-02-09 at 2.09.50 PM.png

Galvanized Hanging Feeder

Both have 3 adjustment settings. Inside rolled rim of pan keeps birds from billing feed out of pan. 
--15lb feeder works great for chicks up to 6 weeks old. Also great for quail or smaller fowl.
--30lb feeder is great for all ages

GLV15H: 15lb


GLV30H: 30lb


Screen Shot 2024-02-09 at 2.12.08 PM.png

Super Start Feeder

Bright color attracts fowl. Lightweight & strong & resists sun deterioration. "See-through" jug to monitor feed level. Guard reduced feed waste. Dome in base center reduces feed pilling up.



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