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Gallon Quail Waterer with Screw On Base

Drown-Proof for Chicks
KSQB: Ctn 1            $12.00   
          Ctn 3         $35.00
kuhl 1 gallon screw on fount.webp

Gallon Waterer w/
Screw on Base

KSWB:  Cnt 1          $6.95
Gallon Jar  Only      $4.95
Red Base Only         $3.50

Numbered Zip Ties

Numbered 1-25

Black, Pink, Yellow, Red, Green,

Orange, Blue, Purple

$7.25 each
kuhl 8lb feeder.webp

Chick Feeder with Lid
Holds 8lbs of feed
Narrow trough
with lip 
to prevent feed waste
Height with lid 11 inches
Width 11.5 inches


KR20C          $19.95
IMG_4205 2.jpeg
IMG_4204 2.jpeg

Green Drop Pens

Height   32"
(at top)  34"
(at bottom)  43"
You asked, and we listened!

These coated drop pens collapse flat with a flip lid for easy traveling and storage.  Great for moving around the yard, especially after washing birds.  We do not ship, but stay tuned as we work on it!  Currently, you can pick them up at our warehouse or a show.
Olive Oil Nourishing
Sheen Spray

11.7 oz spray can.  Helps condition the feathers of show birds.  Infused with coconut oil.

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